Exential Group Advantage

With all the other forex firms in the market promising you the world, why choose Exential Group?
Let’s start with the most important criteria:

Successful Return of Investment. It’s very important to us as we only get paid when you’re successful! There’s no greater incentive than that.

Our managed forex accounts use short-term trends following methodologies to deliver exceptional profitability. Our specialised trading technology achieves average annual returns in excess of 100%.

The monthly average returns is currently better than most mainstream and alternative investment vehicles and the current minimum investment amount is $25,000 USD.

Forex is uncorrelated to stocks, bonds, and commodities and Exential uses leverage depending on the type of strategy used.

That might explain why managed forex accounts are becoming increasingly popular!

After all, trading currencies yourself is often a very difficult proposition – there is a reason why there are so few trading millionaires in the market. And many forex investors don’t have the time, experience or desire to attain this level of proficiency themselves.

So how does a managed forex account get around this problem?

A managed forex account allows you to have your funds traded professionally by our trading technology via a limited power of attorney agreement (LPOA).

No one can access the money in this account but the client. Hence you retain complete authority over the account at all times.

To find out more, please check the FAQs and other useful pages on this site.