Exential Group FAQ

Q. What is a managed forex account and how does it benefit me?

Managed Accounts are created for investors who do not necessarily want to trade on their own.

A managed account allows you to have your funds traded professionally by an experienced trader or automated system via a limited power of attorney agreement (LPOA).

Once the account is opened and funded, no one can touch the money in your account but you. The trader cannot deposit or withdraw funds from your account without the proper authorization to do so, and you retain full access and control over the account at all times.

This is the ideal way to have your money traded for maximum safety and control. You can check the balance of your account at any time to view daily trade activity, or else withdraw or deposit funds when you please. (You can also revoke your LPOA at anytime if you’re not happy with how the trader is managing your funds.)

Q. How is a typical managed account traded?

The trader managing the account trades all investor accounts as one large master account using PAMM or LAMM, or MAM software.

The PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module) distributes gains, losses and fees on an equal percentage basis. This allows all accounts (regardless of size) to enjoy the same percentage return.

The LAMM (Lot Allocation Management Module) allows the trader to allocate different trade lots to each account. This enables different leverages for different types of investors.

The MAM (Multi-Account Manager) combines the features found in a PAMM and LAMM, and offers more flexibility to the trader managing investor accounts.

Exential Group utilises MAM in order to take advantage of its superior investment features that generates high ROI for our clients.

Q. What’s the minimum investment at Exential Group?

The minimum investment is $25,000 USD for one of our Exential Group managed accounts or its equivalent in any currency.

Q. Who can access my funds?

Because the funds in your forex managed trading account are in your name, you’re the proprietor of this account.

So you’re the only one who can make deposits to or withdrawals from your account. The only power you grant to the trade manager is the power to trade your account through a Limited Power of Attorney. This authorization includes the deduction of the agreed initial setup and account maintenance fee as stated in the Power of Attorney.

Q. Once my new account is funded, how long before trading starts?

Normally within a few days, you’ll see the first trades being placed. As soon as your account is funded, the trade manager will be notified that it’s ready for inclusion in the next new cycle of trades.

You don’t need to do anything more once the account is funded.

Q. Can I open or close trades in my managed account?

No – only the trade manager is permitted to trade in the account. If you’re unhappy with the trading, you can revoke the Power of Attorney at any time.

Q. How do you make money?

We make our profits from the withdrawal fee charged to the account. This is currently posted at 30% of any profit withdrawal made on the client account.

Q. How many trades are there on average per month?

We make on average around 40-50 trades per month.

Q. If I’m connected to the master account can my money be stolen?

No! The trading agent cannot steal your money, as it’s firewalled by the brokerage house to prevent this from ever happening. The only connection is electronic via the broker.

Also, because of very strict money laundering laws, your money has to go back into an account with the same name. So it physically cannot be sent to anyone else’s account.

Q. How do I stop my account from being traded?

Simply call or email your Relationship Manager and ask them to revoke your LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney). As soon as they have done this then you’re disconnected from the master account.

You can withdraw your profits at any time from your account in part or in full. You have total control.

Q. The compounded results seem too good to be true?

The account balance compounds daily. This means that the trading software boosts the average trading amount and records the average trades on a daily basis and uses that information to boost profits, therefore, the compounding effect creates very rapid growth.

All results are confirmed by a third party auditor before they’re published and are 100% accurate.

Q. How safe is your broker?

We only use brokerages that are non-dealing desk ECN brokerages with STP module and tight inter-bank floating spreads.

All funds are segregated and held at Tier 1 banks such as our banks, HSBC, Investec Bank and Barclays. We will direct you to the most appropriate bank upon application.

Q. What kind of money management is in place?

The managed accounts have extremely strict risk parameters in place.

They never risk more than 0.1-0.5% of your account on each trade. Managed accounts are monitored continuously to make sure they are not going outside these pre-set strategic risk protection parameters.

This means drawdown is minimized. However, you must understand that these trading programs are geared for a high returns each month. To target 7-8% per month there is an element of risk which is then leveraged against the profit on a daily basis, thus, not effecting the principal and ensuring a maximum profit payout monthly.

Q. What currency is the account traded in?

All managed accounts are traded in EURUSD. You can either instruct your bank to do the exchange from your own country’s currency into USD or leave it to the broker to do when they receive your funds at their end.

Q. Are the performance results audited?

The results audited by a third party. Each month our results are confirmed by a third party auditor before they are published.