Managed Trading FAQ

Q. What is available to satisfy my due diligence before I invest in one of your managed accounts?

Due diligence is a critical factor in your decision making process and this is why we offer a totally transparent business model.

The major points to consider are:

We don’t hold any of your funds. You hold them in your personal brokerage account.
Exential Group’s own business operations have no affect on your funds.
If you don’t like what you see, then you can withdraw your money at any time without penalty. You have total control over this.
The brokerage holds all client funds in reputable well-known tier 1 banks such as HSBC, Investec Bank and Barclays..
You will quickly see for yourself the managed account performance within a short while after joining. At that point you can make a decision on whether you want to continue, add more funds or withdraw your funds altogether. But you have all the control over this.

Q. What makes this kind of managed trading different from other types?

In most other business models, you don’t have the kind of flexibility to decide when to add funds or close down the account at your discretion.

You would have to hand over your money to the fund manager and you wouldn’t have access to your money for at least one year and in some cases 5 years. You would have no control over your funds in this example.

You would also have no way of knowing what the real results are except for a statement that you receive at the end of the quarter (or year end). You simply have to take their word for it and hope for the best that the money manager doesn’t run away with your money — he holds your funds, after all!

As you can see, the Exential Group business model eliminates these major due diligence issues and creates a totally transparent and fair model.

For due diligence of the performance, please read through the performance figures on “Exential Group Monthly Results” page.

Q. To generate above average returns what kind of risk is involved?

High returns will always have a risk component.

But we believe the key to a successful investment is exposure to enough risk to generate a decent return, but not to ensure sleepless nights.

Our specialised software typically risks only 0.5 % of your account per trade, no more than that.

This disciplined approach restricts risk and reduces exposure to volatility in the marketplace — while still targeting consistent and above average returns.

You need to find your ideal “risk vs. reward ratio” before investing with any type of investment vehicle.

Q. I don’t know much about trading or alternative investments, can I still benefit from one of the investments?

Yes! There’s no need to be a professional trader to successfully and safely invest in a managed account. A trading professional does all the trading for you.

You simply collect the profits or (even better) let the account continue growing for ever-great compounded returns.

Q. Where is Exential Group based?

We are based in Dubai, UAE.

Q. What is my tax situation?

You’re responsible for your own tax. We don’t get involved, but as a general rule whatever you bring back into your country of origin is usually taxable.

Q. Can the minimum investment be spread across 2-3 different managed account services?

No. The full $20,000 USD must be kept in one managed account.

Q. When is the Withdrawal Fee deducted?

An agreed % fee is normally deducted only when a profit withdrawal is made.

Q. How quickly can you disconnect my account from the master account?

Simply call or email the broker and revoke the LPOA.

Trading will stop once you’ve notified them and they’ve disconnected you from the master (MAM) account. If there are open positions then trading will stop once flat.